Polished Concrete Maintenance Tips

North Carolina Concrete Polishing

Whether your floors are new or old, making sure you have polished concrete is a must. These floors are extremely durable and require very little maintenance to look perfect for many years. However, it is important you have a solid maintenance program, especially if your floors receive heavy traffic. As one of the top North […]

North Carolina Concrete Polishing FAQ

north carolina concrete polishing

Can you polish any concrete? Almost but there are a few that can’t.  Concrete that is too soft will crumble during the polishing process and it won’t have a slick finish. This type of floor doesn’t occur very often and in most cases can be detected prior to polishing. Can you use a grinder to […]

Benefits of Polished Concrete

At Polished Maintenance, we believe that having professional, aesthetically pleasing, and well-maintained floors goes a long way in building your corporate image and ensuring customer loyalty. We want you to make the right decision for your business when it comes to floor surfaces, and we believe that choosing polished concrete is the best way to […]